Scott Ferron Chainsaw

A little about Scott…

I have always been a user of power tools, based in construction and land clearing, my skills were limited to falling from the ground and bucking, de-limbing.

As my business grew, I branched out that work to more professional companies and left the chainsaws on the back burner for a while.  Then I saw a competition in Chetwynd, BC in 2005.
Chetwynd International Chainsaw Competition.

I was hooked.  I saw men and women take the same massive saws I was using and shape the most beautiful art i had ever seen.  I have been carving ever since.

I have carved mainly for customers privately, making unicorns and dragons, and several other fun things.

In 2016, A friend of Mine, Scott Hubley, a fellow from Halifax Nova Scotia, died and left me his carvings in his carving pit to care for.  I have reworked them and brought them back to life, and am proud to keep his memory alive. 

My first Competition was in 2019 at the Campbell River Shoreline Arts, where I carved a Triceratops you can actually ride.